Aria Announcement of new issues en 1: Giambologna and Europe. Formalistic approaches to late Mannerist sculpture <p>The latest issue of Aria has been published.<p>Contents:<p>Endrődi, Gábor: Introduction, 1–4.<br>Mátyók, Lilla: The time of beauty. Giambologna's marble sculpture at the J. Paul Getty Museum as an artistic manifesto, 5–18.<br>Juhos, Rózsa: Crucifixes from Giambologna's workshop, or image and art in the era of the Counter Reformation, 19–29.<br>Nagy, Nóra: The ancestry and the "genus grande" of Johann Gregor van der Schardt's statues of Mercury, 31–43.<br>Kocsis, Alexandra: Hidden consonance in the history of sculpture. The statues of Adriaen de Vries from the Waldstein Garden in Prague, 45–58.<br><p>All essays are in Hungarian, abstracts are available in English too. Thu, 18 Feb 2010 11:00:00 +0100