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Aria is an open access online scholarly journal for the Institute of Art History, Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences. It primarily aims to provide a forum for students, PhD students and professors of the Institute to publish their scientific research. At the same time, being the first Hungarian online journal of art history, Aria may also publish articles from researchers outside the Institute.

We wish to publish numbered issues at irregular intervals and variable length, however, the essays of each volume will be connected either thematically or genetically. Occasionally, longer, book-sized papers will be published in separate volumes. The editorial board of Aria consists of professors of the Institute. Issues will be edited separately, by turns, all issues having an independent editor.

Its title, Aria, refers to an important concept of artistic literature of the Early Modern era in two aspects that makes this forum different from other Hungarian journals in the field of art history. Firstly, the primary meaning of the word, "air," refers to the online format of the journal. Secondly, the idea Filippo Baldinucci described in his 1681 Vocabolario toscano dell'arte del disegno: "Aria: Per quella apparenza della fronte che nel primo aspetto mostra il genio e l'inclinazione dell'uomo," refers to the authors of the journal: partly students of the Institute.


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